1200Mbps Dual Band Gigabit Gargoyle Wi-Fi Router with Quota/Bandwidth Control and QoS

Dual band 1200Mbps Gigabit Router

Do you find that someone always BOG DOWN your internet or USE UP all your internet QUOTA before the end of the month? 

Do you want to set a quota/bandwidth limit on all devices on your internet connection? 

With this router, you can set internet quota as well as bandwidth limit for each individual device connected to your internet connection. You can set the quota on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can set a bandwidth limit using QoS to avoid someone's p2p download slowing the internet for everyone else's, i.e. ensure your VoIP calls, gaming and video streaming works perfectly without interference.

This router is ideal for landlords who provides internet access to tenants that can chew through your internet regardless of the amount of internet cap provided. This router is also ideal for small business who want to control or monitor their employee's internet access/usage. This router is indispensable if you want to provide free public/guest Wi-Fi while maintaining quota/bandwidth control.

This router can be configured for remote access, so that you (landlord) can remotely adjust the internet quota you have assigned or anything else anytime anywhere without visiting the premises. 

Plus, you can watch the traffic in real time to see who is using your internet and how fast they are downloading/uploading. 

We provide advice for free with no obligation to buy. Please Contact us or use the Gargoyle forum if you are considering to use a Gargoyle router.

This is an entry level dual band router with the latest 802.11AC technology for those who have high speed (50Mbps or higher) NBN internet connection that can easily out perform the maximum throughput (~50Mbps) of 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network or live in locations, e.g. apartments with slow WiFi due to congestion or frequent WIFI disconnection due to microwave interference. For your information, most recent smartphones and computers do support 5Ghz Wi-Fi even if it does not support 802.11AC. The router advertised here uses dual core 1.3Ghz processor, supports beamforming to increase signal & coverage and is best suited for those having 100Mbps or higher connection. Despite its initial cost, you can still save money if you can control your internet usage better, sign up for a cheaper plan, , share your internet with your neighbours, control your kid's internet usage.... or the additional features you can use.

Please contact us if you require maximum signal range coverage and WiFi performance which is delivered by a higher model with four antenna.

If you already have a relatively new router, you may be able to replace your factory ROM with Gargoyle ROM to take advantage of these great features. Check the Gargoyle download page for your router's model. Or consider to hire us to help.

FYI, to get the most performance out of 5Ghz Wi-Fi, you should NOT use the same SSID for your 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz network because most devices will simply connect to the 2.4Ghz network as its signal is stronger than your 5Ghz network.

Note: we only provide minimum assistance for buyer of this product to setup your network. If you need extra assistance, we can provide it for a fee.

Case 1

You have a 50GB limit/month from your internet provider, after which your internet will be capped at 256kbps. You have 5 users and you can put a 10GB limit/month everyone on your network, when their limit is up, you can decide to slow down their internet or cut it off altogether. This way, everyone are happy and can get their fair share. 

Case 2

You have 25GB (peak) + 50GB (off-peak) limit/month from your internet provider, after which your internet will be capped at 256kbps. You have 5 users and you can put a 5GB limit (peak) and 10GB limit (offpeak) /month for everyone on your network, when their limit is up, you can decide to slow down their internet or cut it off altogether. This way, everyone are happy and can get their fair share. 

Case 3

You uses 3G/satellite internet connection with 5GB limit/month, after which you will be charged a fee per MB. You can cut off the internet when the limit is almost reached, e.g. 4.8GB.

Or if you are sharing this internet with others and they are willing to pay for excess data, you can check the usage of every devices connected and then divide the excess fee proportionly among all everyone on your network.

Case 4

You want to setup a public WIFI access point and restrict the internet bandwidth or put a quota on every connected devices.

Case 5

You want to restrict the amount of time your kids spend online. You can block internet access on specific devices during specified period of time without affecting others.

Case 6

You are suspicious about your kids/employee's online behaviour. You can specifically monitor your kids/employee's device and see what web sites they visit.

Note: url monitoring only works for unencrypted traffic, i.e. those web sites using https will not work.

Case 7

You want to block access to specific web site/applications during business hours, so your employee don't spend paid time browsing ebay or chat over skype.

Case 8

You want to share files stored on USB drive using ftp/smb/DLNA across your LAN and access your files remotely.

Note: DLNA file sharing will require installation of Openwrt applications using command line (SSH).

Case 9

You want to access your LAN's shared files or use your home internet remotely (e.g. overseas) as if you are at home. This way, you will have access to region restricted internet content which you can't access from overseas, such as region restricted audio/video streaming/subscription web sites, country restricted web sites, etc.

You can do this using VPN connection or SSH tunnel. You can configure your router either as the server or client. You can have two devices at two locations to bridge your two remote network, one acting as server and the other as client.

Case 10

You want to setup a separate Wi-Fi network for your guest in addition to your own family Wi-Fi network. You can place quota/bandwidth limit for all your guests while having full speed access for your family. If you have quota/bandwidth limit in place, you could leave your guest Wi-Fi network open without password too.

Note: If you do not set a password for your guest network and did not block access to your router from the guest network, you will inadvertly leave your router open and vulnerable for hacking.

Case 11

You have unlimited internet access but someone is always downloading heavily or use bittorrent and slowing down the internet so badly that you can't hold VOIP/Skype/Gtalk/Facetime/etc conversation. You can use QoS to prioritize your VOIP/Skype/Gtalk/Facetime/etc traffic over others, ensuring you can enjoy good quality conversations.

You can find additional examples of common sceranios here.

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