General router related consultation/help


We can provide help/consultations in all areas related to home routers/networking setup and configurations at a rate of $40/hr over Skype/Gtalk/phone with/without remote desktop assistance. For small fixed tasks, such as assistance with gargoyle router configurations, setup private SSH tunnel to bypass country/region restrictions, we may be able to provide a fixed price offer. For those who have purchased Gargoyle router from us, we provide a discounted hourly rate of $30/hr, discounts will be applied manually to your order.

In some cases, it would be easier and more efficient to visit you on-site to setup your home/office network. We will only charge a slightly higher rate for the 1st hour to cover our travel cost and travelling time .

We specialized in Openwrt or Gargoyle ROM and associated applications.

We may also be able to help you write scripts or custom applications for use on your router at a fixed quoted price.

If you are looking at mass producing some routers running such scripts or custom applications, we could help too.

Feel free to contact us or order this item if you would like to discuss further.

SKU: router_consulting
Price: NZ$40.00