Here are the reasons you want to buy from us.

Competitive PriceWe know price is an important factor to you. we operate mainly over the internet, reducing our running cost and bringing the cost benefit directly back to the customers.
Registered NZ companyWe are a formally registered company in NZ and includes GST in the products we sold. We will keep the profits made in NZ and invest locally.
Registered in AustraliaWe are also registered in Australia in order to better serve Australian consumers and companies.
Consumer Guarantee
All of our NZ/AU customers are covered by the the consumer guarantee act. We provide 3 months statutory warranty on all products. In most cases, we will exceed the expectations as required from the fair trading act.
Excellent service, before and AFTERWe know service is very important to you and we deliver it the way you expect it. We value our customer and strive to provide you with top notch customer service, even if you don't buy anything from us. You can expect us to answer your questions long after you have purchased our products.
Local warrantyIn our pricing, we have already factored in the cost to provide warranty service locally (NZ/AU). For NZ/AU customers, you only need to pay local shipping to our service center. We will fix your product and return it to you at our expense.
CustomizationCustomization is king. Everyone have different requirements and expectations. The products we sell comes with dizzling ways to customize it to fit your needs. What you can do is only limited by your imagination.
ProactiveWe constantly test our products, pro-actively identify potential problems (as well as from customer feedback) and work with developers on fixes constantly and release updates to the public as soon as possible.
HonestIt is our priority to be honest when we communicate with customers and are highly transparent in our communications (e.g. our feedback forum). In addition, we pledge to attend and respond to all your enquiries promptly regardless of warranty status and will always discuss the best options for available to you.
99% customer satisfactionWe are proud to say that none of our customers leave unsatisified. We will always do our best to meet your needs regardless. See comments from our customers below.
Fast shippingIf the item you have ordered is in stock, we will normally ship it out within 3 working days by local or international courier to ensure you will receive the item as soon as possible with a tracking number, so you can find out where the item is.
Quality productsWe only sell quality products. As a consumer ourselves, know what consumers think. We will only sell a product that we think is great and we would use it ourselves.
Expert in networkingWe have been working with Gargoyle/Openwrt based router for years and had use it for many different atypical network configurations. We believe we are capable of solving all your typical home/office network problems.
Been trading for >9 yearsWe have been around since 2006 and we will continue to operate for many more years to come. You can be assured that we will be here when you need to find us or ask us a question.

There are many ways to buy our products, depending on your location and your needs, you may find some of the channels listed below better than the others.

Purchase directly from us

If you’re a consumer or end-user, you are welcomed to buy from us directly through our online store, contacting us.

We don't list all our products here, some products are only listed, advertised and sold through various auction sites listed below. We strongly recommend that you take a look at our feedback history on these sites which reflect the high quality of service we have been providing to our customers.

Note: Price on these sites are generally higher than if you contact us directly due to fees incurred.

New Zealand

Customer Comments


Our trademe username: chunming

Customer: manawa4eva (28 Aug 2011)
Thanks for a quick and hassle-free trade.Would recommend and gladly trade again. Cheers

Customer: benney36 (22 Jul 2011)
good product, knows his stuff.

Customer: gregrindel (13 Jul 2011)
Good trade - great after sales service

Customer: tired_mama (14 Jun 2011)
Excellent trade! Quick delivery, and the goods work perfectly. Would most definitely use this trader again. *thumbsup*

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Our trademe username: portable

(no much success selling on Sella...)


Customer Comments

Ebay Australia

Primary ebay account: portable_mp4

Secondary ebay account: androidevice


Customer: dollyyee (28-May-11)
Item as described! great seller and very fast postage, A+++

Customer: lekkss32rus (22-May-11)
I really liked to have business with you

Customer: jasonlv87 (24-May-10)
Excellent service and product :-)

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Customer: worldcompute (04-Aug-11)
quick and helpful response, the thing seems to work fine-amazing tool

Customer: mahajan_aj (21-Dec-10)
nice deal , good product and a nice person to talk with

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Quicksales account: portable


Customer: menruby (18-Jan-11)
Really quick delivery.Item as described.

Customer: netrix71 (01-Mar-10)
Excellent Service

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Our Gumtree advertisement is meant to advertise our products to local Melbourne residents who would like face-to-face cash transactions. Gumtree does not not have feedback system.