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Dear customers,

As we do not have a retail outlet and for security reasons, we do not publish our exact location or phone number on our web site.

All communications are done primarily through e-mail or via our support forum. (E-mail address not published to avoid spams) Physical address, contact phone number and Skype/Gtalk maybe provided via e-mail to customers wanting to pick-up, have other queries or requires remote support.

Thank you for your understanding.
Managing Director
Portable Electronics

To make a purchase, we recommend that you order through our online store. If for any reason, the online store is not working, you may use the form below to contact us. We can process your order manually. Please state the item (model/SKU) or service you are after and which country it will be shipped to. At the moment, we only deliver to New Zealand and Australia, ie other countries will be limited to remote support/services only.

For general supports, comment and other questions, please post it in our support forum to discuss with us and other users.

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