Car mp3 player/USB charger + 200 channel FM transmitter

Car mp3 player FM transmitter (model H)
Car mp3 player FM transmitter (model round)
Car mp3 player FM transmitter (model square)
Car mp3 player FM transmitter (model T)
Car mp3 player FM transmitter
Car mp3 player FM transmitter

Want to listen to your favourite mp3, mp4, ipod's sound output via your car's speaker system? and charge the player at the same time?

Here is the answer.

This car USB charger + FM transmitter (full FM range, adjustable in 0.1Mhz) will let you broadcast your music or video sound output via your car's FM radio, while charging it through USB at the same time. Plug n Play, minimum effort, anyone can do it, no installation required.

As a bonus, this device can also acts as a standalone car mp3 player, allowing you to plug in and play mp3 files from your USB stick, USB hard disk, etc. It also has a build-in SDcard reader and can read mp3 files directly from your SDcard.

You can use this for any mp3, mp4, pmp players by plugging your players' 3.5mm headphone jack into this FM transmitter using the supplied wire.

Worried about poor FM transmission? We have tested this unit and it works perfectly, delivering crystal clear interference free music even within the radio populated city centre, such as Auckland City and Melbourne City.

This device will also remember the last FM frequency used and the last song played after you switch off your car!!

What is included? (as shown in the photo)

Car mp3 player/USB charger with FM transmitter, Remote, spare fuse.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: What is its internal storage capacity?

A: Zero, there is no internal storage provided in this unit. You need to use your own SD card, USB stick or mp3/mp4/pmp player. If there is internal storage, it will be a hassle to remove this from your car to transfer your music rather than using SD card, USB stick or standalone mp3/mp4/pmp players.

SKU: OTG_transmitter
Price: NZ$20.00