Portable flexible leg tripod + LARGE camera/phone holder

Portable flexible leg tripod + LARGE camera/phone holder

Use this tripod to hold your digital camera or mobile phone to take photos/videos.

The holder can take device with this size
Width: 5.5-8.5 cm

Note: this phone holder will fit large phones such as Samsung Galaxy Note with 5.3" LCD screen, Iphone 5, etc...

The very small size of this allows you to carry it in your pocket to take self-portrait photos anywhere you go. You can also use this to take time-lapse photo using your smartphone or digital camera. For more information on using this to take time-lapse photgraphy on your smartphone, please read our time-lapse photo articles.

The flexible legs allows you to wrap it around anything you find suitable, e.g. handle bar, tree branch, etc.... For those DIY enthusiast, you can add wheels or wrap it around some wheels to make your own Cineskates, a moving camera setup. The legs of the flexible tripod assembled together like lego pieces with universial joint, they can be taken apart by pulling them apart and can be shortened/lengthened easily. As a result, you can use the flexible tripod legs as parts for your other DIY projects.

Note: the colour of the flexible tripod you receive may not be the same colour as in the photo shown. You may purchase the holder and the flexible tripod separately on request.

Keywords: ClimbPod, GorillaPod

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Price: NZ$14.99