Build custom Openwrt/Gargoyle ROM with preconfigured settings or preinstalled app


Is your router supported by Openwrt but you can't find the firmware for Gargoyle?

If your router is supported by Openwrt Attitude Adjustment branch, we can help you build a Gargoyle ROM for your router for a fee.

Are you trying to install an application onto your Openwrt/Gargoyle but you run into errors such as "satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for xxxx"?

This is normally caused by kernel version mismatch. Typically the only solution is to either upgrade your ROM to another version and hope the online repository works or build your own ROM. If you can't figure out how to build your own ROM, we can help you build the ROM for your router with all the application you specified included in the ROM as well as your custom configuration files.

As with all ROM flashing, there is a risk that your router may become bricked. Unless we have the same router here to test, we can't guarantee that the ROM we build will definitely work. Hence, we do not guarantee that the ROM will definitely work nor it won't brick your router. However, we will happily provide 100% refund if the ROM didn't work or it bricked your router despite the best effort by both parties in an attempt to fix it.

SKU: custom_build
Price: NZ$120.00